Working Groups

Working Groups

The Conservation Partnership is establishing 5 working groups to work on priority activities and strategies identified through the workshops held from 2010 to 2012.  Currently, the Working Groups  are:


a) Restoration and Stewardship group

The Restoration and Stewardship Working Group will focus on active restoration of CDFAE as well as promoting stewardship of CDFAE through existing organizations and information sharing between organizations.

b) Science/Technical

The Science/Technical Working Group (STWG) will provide advice and data to the Conservation Partnership, the Steering Committee and Working Groups, based on the best available science and mapping.  Where the STWG does not have the appropriate level of expertise in-house for a particular subject, it will consult with appropriate experts.

c) Local Government

Due to the overlap of objectives, the Local Government Working Group (LGWG) may consist of the same membership as and be associated with regional implementation of the Species and Ecosystems At Risk Local Government Working Group (link: ) and will respect the recommendations and TOR that guide that group, while also meeting the recommendations and TOR of the CDFCP. 

d) Resource Sector

The Resource Sector Working Group (RSWG) will be associated with natural resource extraction industries active in CDFAE.  The RSWG recognizes economic activities exist within CDFAE and are an important part of local economies.  The RSWG will engage others in the resource sector to:

  • raise awareness of CDFAE conservation issues
  • increase awareness of the impacts of resource extraction activities on CDFAE
  • develop and promote best management practices to reduce impacts on CDFAE
  • seek ways to increase the compatibility of resource activity outcomes with CDFAE conservation objectives
  • explore and promote alternate economic opportunities that are more consistent with the CDFAE conservation objectives

e) Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education Working Group (OEWG) is responsible for increasing awareness of CDFAE and CDFAE conservation issues as well as promoting CDFAE conservation objectives amongst all parties including the general public, all levels of government, CDFAE private landowners, First Nations and the Resource Sector

f) Securement

The Securement Working Group (SWG) will consist of land trust organizations who will collaborate on land securement priorities for CDFAE and methods for land securement including conservation covenants, land donations, eco-gifts, land acquisition, Crown Land securement and other voluntary conservation methods.  Representatives of this Group will liaise with the Land Securement Subcommittee of the Conservation Partners of BC.

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