About this Website

About the website

This website has been developed for the Conservation Partnership by Habitat Acquisition Trust (www.hat.bc.ca) on a volunteer basis.  Feedback on the site can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as can articles, images, or graphics.  Please note that submitted content will need to be approved by the Partnership Steering Committee before it will be posted to the site. 

The website runs the open source Content Management System Joomla, and uses a GPL-licensed template design by Shape5.  If you are an administrator, and would like a tutorial on posting content to the site, please log in, and look for the "Posting Tutorial" link in the right hand column.

Photos by Tim Ennis and Adam Taylor.  Photos used with permission.   

  • Title bar: Douglas-fir by Tim Ennis
  • Front Page Feature: Douglas-fir Cones by Tim Ennis. Garry Oak Wildlfowers and Young Great Horned Owl by Adam Taylor. 
  • Other pages: As attributed.
  • Map of the Coastal Douglas-fir & Associated Ecosystems Conservation Partnerships Interest Area provided by Darryn McConkey